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10 Office Pranks on April Fool’s day…!!!

April fools day, sometimes called as All Fools’ Day, is one of the most light hearted day of the year and it’s the perfect time to have some fun. The point of the day is to do something unexpected that will make your someone smile or giggle hysterically! If you’re planning some April Fools office pranks, […]

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Donning Pathanis

“Pathani Suit” is one of the favored Indian traditional wear which is originally the traditional dress of Pashtuns and is surely is a rockstar currently due to its power laden ethnic statement. Pathani suit is ideal to contribute an ethnic glimpse to your look. The fact that distinguishes it from kurta pajamas is the salwar […]

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Glittery Glossy Brides..!!

Indian wedding is a gigantic celebration of family coming together, dance, food, functions and pictures that make a lifetime memory for the couple. A blushing bride who is the highlight of the occasion has every eye on her that would be noticing her outfit, the way she carries herself and her makeup. On their special […]

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Pen – Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The ability to read and write has always been one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Reading and writing allowed for the recording, protection and spread of ideas, information and new discoveries. But we would never have been able to read about all these great inventions, discoveries and ideas if someone hadn’t first discovered how to write […]

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Tie it, Pair it, Pin it

Men may sometimes feel limited to classic looks, but these looks haven’t stood the test of time because they’re just some run of the mill passing trends. A suit is certainly one timeless look that demands respect, but let’s break it down a little further. The tie is pretty much the one variable that really […]

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