Tie it, Pair it, Pin it

Men may sometimes feel limited to classic looks, but these looks haven’t stood the test of time because they’re just some run of the mill passing trends. A suit is certainly one timeless look that demands respect, but let’s break it down a little further. The tie is pretty much the one variable that really pulls the entire suit together and fetches boatloads of respect from friends, foes, and strangers. Let’s look at the 3 reasons why a tie is so important.


A neck tie has always been, and always will be, the square root to really getting respect when it comes to your menswear game. There’s a reason why men in power have worn ties throughout history; think about it.



If there’s one thing that demands respect on any front, it’s having the confidence to wear your ensemble with pride and let everyone know you are certain in your abilities. Though when this beacon of self-worth is paired with a stylish neck tie, it really gets elevated to that next level. People can be very perceptive. If you wear a tie with absolute confidence, it will translate through and upon first moment’s glance, respect will be established.



This isn’t always true, but in large part it can be. Someone wearing a tie generally has a level of professionalism that must be sustained to remain the successful individual they are. In this case, the tie may or may not be in direct connection with their work day. When people see a man wearing a tie, the tendency is to assume they are looking at a professional – whether young or mature.


Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have no need to worry overmuch about looking right in different situations. Just remind yourself to think of the setting you will be in, choose colors that complement or blend and keep the look simple.

Bhagyashree. V

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