Shop according to your Body Type…!!!

Fashion consultants and stylists often center their creations on the unique body profiles of their models and clients. With trends changing every season, it’s a challenge to dress fashionably by picking clothes that truly flatter your personal style and feminine proportions. Women are blessed with curves & angles and the right clothes compliment your personality while the wrong ones look slightly out of place. Experts say that understanding your body type is important to ensure that you use fashion like it was intended to be used i.e. as a tool to create a look for yourself that you love. Knowing your body type helps you create a sense of balance through the clothes that you wear, the makeup you apply and hairstyles you create.

Start knowing your body type by understanding what works best with you and choose clothes according to that. Not only will you be able to achieve a proportional body silhouette but you’ll also be walking in it with confidence. Knowing your body type and how to dress is the key to having all of your wardrobe looking admirable and showing off the best in you..!!!

In this blog, we aim to identify and talk about the Ethnic Styles that fit and look Fab on different body shapes. There are majorly eight types of body shapes in women:

  1. Apple Body Shape: Also known as Cone shape, this body type is more top heavy with slimmer legs and thighs. Dress in clothing that takes attention away from your midriff area and flatters your bust area will. V-neck outfits are a must-have for this shape and dark colors on the upper body may become your personal favorite as they make your top half look leaner. Avoid clothes which are tight at the shoulders. Apple Body Type
  2. Pear Body Shape: Being the opposite of apple, the pear body type has a smaller upper body and a fuller lower body. Choose clothing that will accentuate and make it look like you have more curves. Achieve this by wearing any empire cut outfit. This pinches the waist and creates a curvier appearance. Just wearing the right clothes will define your mellow sharpness. Avoid shapeless, baggy clothes like loose Anarkalis. To draw away attention from your hips, stay away from clingy suits. Pear Body Type
  3. Straight Body Shape: Also known as Rectangle shape. Being the most common body type, you look fairly straight. Wear pleasing silhouettes that will create more curves with some cuts to give a shape to your body. Remember that you have to proportionally dress the top and bottom half of your body, emphasizing your waist. Straight Body Type
  4. Hourglass Body Shape: An hourglass figure is to die for where hip and bust measurements are almost equal with a narrow waist. You should be aiming to highlight and embrace your curves and avoid anything that makes you look boxy. Your waist should be your focal point choose clothes that accentuate your beautiful figure while shopping and avoid over sized garments. Stay close to your shape. Hourglass Body Type
  5. Diamond Body Shape: If you are heavier at the waist while your hips and shoulders are narrow in comparison, you fall in this category. Ideally you should avoid outfits that are fitted at the waist and focus on your other assets instead, which would work wonders for you. Diamond Body Type
  6. Triangle Body Shape: Also known as Spoon shape. Typical characteristics of this Shape are hips are larger than your bust, has a defined waist, hips have a shelf appearance and this type is prone to gaining weight on their tummy area and have a tendency towards love-handles. The key to dressing is to draw attention to your upper body and not emphasizing your tummy. Hips can create a more balanced appearance and an illusion of hourglass shape. Your legs are one of your best asset. Triangle Body Type.jpg
  7. Oval Body Shape: In this body shape the bust is large, hips are narrow and a fuller midsection, a tendency to gain weight on the stomach, back and upper body. The waist is undefined and the widest part of your frame. The shapely yet graceful legs are the best asset. In dressing you must create a more defined waist. This is achieved by choosing clothing that adds curves and fullness to your lower body and wear outfits that taper to a waist.  Oval Body Type
  8. Inverted Triangle Body Shape: Basics of this body shape is that it has a proportionally larger upper body, broad shoulders, bust with a wide back, hips are slim and bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side, waist is subtle and has a tendency to gain weight in your belly and upper body. Best way to dress is to balance your broader shoulders, chest and back with your narrower lower body.  Inverted Triangle Body Type

Remember that anything will look great on you if you are wearing the right size with an appropriate proportion and best silhouettes for your shape. Whatever be your body shape you just have to be confident and that will make you look naturally beautiful and ready to take over the world..!!! Get the best Ethnic attires for your body type from 



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