Pen – Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The ability to read and write has always been one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Reading and writing allowed for the recording, protection and spread of ideas, information and new discoveries. But we would never have been able to read about all these great inventions, discoveries and ideas if someone hadn’t first discovered how to write them down.

Have you ever wondered why pens are such popular gifts? Think graduation, new job, special birthday or promotion. The pen is the perfect choice for each occasion. You try to convey a certain polished and professional look in business. You make sure your shoes are shining, and you always want to carry a nice briefcase. You know that your clothing and appearance says a lot about you. Do you realize that every time you have to fill out a form or write down a note the pen you use makes an impression? Pens also make ideal corporate gifts because they can have a company name or logo engraved or silk-screened. They can also be individually monogrammed with your name or initials. Women and men in business will pay attention to the pen they are carrying as well as the jewelry and clothing they are using. They want the overall picture to look professional and well polished. Nothing says’re serious about your profession more than a fine writing instrument.

Pen is a student’s best friend. It is everything that a student needs in order to write what he/she knows in exam. And this takes them far in life when used properly.

Well now there are lots of pens available. It fits every pocket. Modern pen generally have a replaceable refill with a metal nib. Ink pens are also developed now. The costs might be as low as 2 rupees to luxury pens costing crores. The purpose is however same. So it can be well understood how powerful it is. It is rightly said. A pen is mightier than sword.

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Bhagyashree. V

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