Element that completes the Ethnic Attire

Trends change because variety is the spice of life. Variety also spices up the way one dresses. The salwar kurta which started as a trendy way to dress with more comfort and movement than a sari offered, which soon became a staple in most wardrobes. All women love every piece of their closet as they all have a special place in her heart. In a fashion conscious world, where your lifestyle and management matter a lot, one has to keep updating and changing their style yet feel comfortable.

Whatever avatar the two piece ensemble of salwar-kurta or churidar-kurta takes, the third element that completes the attire, that is constant irrespective of all the changes that happen with the other two pieces is a “Dupatta“. The dupatta was initially just a wide stretch of cloth designated to cover the head and bosom of the wearer, which revealed its potential after a while as a perfect canvas for embellishment.

The dupatta soon evolved into a garment that had its own identity. It is treated as one of the most essential aspect and is worked on with different details even in the Fashion weeks. Over the years it has been made from all the possible fabrics right from Silk to Georgette to Chiffon that has widened its appeal. Every time when a new look was given to Dupattas, from leheriya to ikkat to chikan kari it always looked like a new identity that was given to the garment around which an ensemble could be designed. Buying an intricately embroidered dupatta and matching it with a plain suit became a trend but for the working woman the dupatta was a garment that linked her to the sari pallu which she was so use to and till date embroidered dupatta is not an option for them as its not that comfy. When the printed dupatta-salwar sets made their appearance it was the first nod that the Indian woman had arrived as a person who could mix and match to create different looks. In this blog we are going to drive through how printed dupatta’s lifts up a simple straight outfit creating a unique and variant form like the below styles.


Dupatta is a classic and perennial part of an outfit. The fashion of printed dupatta in a correct sense can transform you to a fashion diva. Looking for more style?? Then Rush to Rajwadi.com.



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