Skin Care Tips for Monsoon

With the monsoon blues hitting you very often, you might be dwelling in the seasonal changes that keep you rejuvenated every now and then. It is OK to sometimes ignore taking care of your skin but to do so for the whole season is a Big NO. Monsoon is the time to take extra care of your skin as you can find noticeable changes in the weather. The resistance of the body is naturally reduced because of the infections one commonly faces in monsoon. So, it is important to take care of the food you eat and the water you drink. You also get affected with skin diseases like prickly heat, eczema etc.. The immunity level of the body becomes low during monsoon and there are several infections taking place in the body which lead to a number of diseases related to different systems. Your normal skin care routine won’t cut it in the rains. You need to be more strategic with skin care in monsoon. Skin needs a regular routine to stay healthy, below are important tips to have a perfect monsoon skin and to combat skin issues.

  • Cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day to remove excess grime and oil that can clog your pores.
  • You must tone your skin and to do so opt for the non-alcoholic variety; these help to even out your skin’s pH balance and also bring a glow to your skin.
  • The humidity that the rains bring can dry your skin awful. Use a nourishing moisturizer to keep your skin moist, supple and healthy.
  • If oily skin is your problem then moisturizers that are water based are a great option to help keep oil secretion in check.
  • Use a reliable sunscreen with a good SPF. It may be cloudy but that doesn’t stop the sun’s UV rays from wreaking havoc.
  • It is essential that you exfoliate your skin daily to rid it of dead cells but do so gently.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses throughout the day. Humidity can make you sweat a lot and skin that doesn’t have enough moisture can look pale and dull.
  • While shampooing and conditioning your hair twice a week will suffice during any other season you might want to do so more frequently during the monsoons. This is because the humidity that is pervasive during the wet spell makes you sweat and sweat makes it easy for grime and germs to latch on to your skin.
  • Monsoon is not the time to experiment with artificial jewelry especially if you have sensitive skin. The humidity in the air will increase the risk of a breakout.
  • Make your own homemade face peels and packs using ingredients from your kitchen. They are natural and will work wonders on your skin.
  • Heavy makeup is a huge turn off in rains, better if one opts for a water- proof makeup.
  • Opt for a lotion- based serum, which keeps your skin rehydrated and brightens it up.
  • Avoid bleaching and facials in this season, as bleaching could do more harm for your face and facial makes your skin rough.
  • Wash your lips at night and apply some milk cream. Avoid lipsticks especially the dark shaded ones. Apply coconut oil if they are slightly cracked.
  • Waxing, pedicure, and manicure are always recommended to give your skin and body a toned look all the time.
  • Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach your home with lukewarm water. This makes you feel refreshed and stay healthy.

These tips will work wonders for you and you will never complain of having issues with your Skin during Monsoon. Let me know how you like this. Please drop in you suggestions in the message section. Happy Monsoon and Healthy Skin to all…..!!!!


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