Lightweight Sherwani’s for Men

It is not just about the trends; it is about where Indian fashion is headed. From neutral colors to subtle sherwanis, to a growing focus on accessories, men’s ethnic fashion has evolved in the recent past. The yesteryear’s saw men wearing heavily embroidered sherwanis and opulent accessories like safa, jeweled broaches, kalangis, mojris and neck pieces. For the contemporary man, the trend has moved to precised embroideries, exclusive handmade buttons, trim details and richer fabrics. The silhouettes are clean, classic and more versatile, so the outfit can be worn on more than one occasion. Today’s generation demands exclusivity notwithstanding the price that it may come at.

Summer defines the very core of an Indian wedding with colorful and vibrant hues embodying the vivacious ceremonies and rituals. Summer weddings are a vision to behold. But with the soaring temperature and sizzling heat, the very thought of dawning on a heavy sherwani or any lavish outfit to wear in a wedding brings out perspiration, doesn’t it? Below is a guide to help the handsome men’s survive the summer weddings in style.

Bandhgala Sherwanis with unique detailing such as tonal embroidery, innovative cuts and tailor-made fit are IN this season. Men aren’t typically dressed in brocade and heavy embroidered sherwanis anymore their shift is towards printed or textured jacquard silk, art silk, jute silk and embossed fabrics. This summer is all about neutral/softer color palettes with a right mix. Nowadays men are willing to experiment in terms of trying new colors such as light orange, vibrant shades in blues, rust and maroon. Classic handcrafted shoes, brooches and pocket squares are the right ingredients to add that extra essence to an otherwise classic ensemble. Right amount of accessories create a charming impression.

Lightweight Sherwanis.jpg

Do not blindly follow trends, wear what suits you the best, be comfortable in your own skin, induce your own personality and style in your wedding ensemble. Remember style is a personal thing. You don’t have to look at male-models for inspiration. Be your own model. Why let the sun and heat play a spoilsport on these auspicious occasion? Put those summer blues away and make sure to celebrate these special day in all its glory.

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