How to Shop like a Stylist..!!!

We all are aware about the craze that people have for shopping and it serves its true purpose when people are confident about their choice which ultimately makes them feel like a stylist. We hardly know any girl who doesn’t like shopping or doesn’t want to look fabulous. But not everyone is blessed with wardrobes like celebrities. Besides that, behind every stylish celebrity, there’s a hardworking stylist who helps her put together a great look. A stylist is someone who selects the clothing for various purposes which ultimately turns into a trend that influences people to make it, sell it and buy it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the superpower of a stylist, who have the knack for picking the right items and pairing them in the most amazing manner..???

This is why we have decided to make a list of some Tips to shop like a Stylist for Ethnic Wear that will not only help you look as fab as your favorite celeb but stop you from wasting money on things you don’t really need..!!! This is a major help as Ethnic wear is expensive and generally is not preferred for a repeat. Follow the below points and you will not go wrong.

  1. Research is the best way to start: Save photos of the looks you like, pictures of celebrity who are styled well, outfits you lust after and everything that inspires you.
  2. Have a list before you go: Know what you need so that you can focus and not get distracted by pieces that are not relevant to your current needs. You also won’t buy multiples of the same or similar garment (which many people do when they shop without a list).
  3. Choose your clothes according to your body type: You must be aware of your flaws, your virtues and focus on clothes that will bring out only the best of your features.
  4. Try more options than you think: You are likely to have tunnel vision and only pick up the same old kinds of things you always wear. Go with an open mind and try on more options which might change your taste as well.
  5. Shop for an entire look: If you follow the shoes + bag + jewelry rule then you will never land up wearing mismatching accessories, always buy your shoes, bag and jewelry together to make sure they are a perfect match.
  6. Accessories is a must: Ethnic wear is incomplete without the right accessories. A statement piece could be your secret weapon although you shouldn’t really wear more than one statement piece at the same time.
  7. Practice a shopping diet: Never buy outfits that you will just wear once rather invest in those that can be worn in different ways. Make sure what you choose can be accessorized in many ways to look different each time you wear it.
  8. Be Unique: One of the things we all like in models is their ability to combine the most ridiculous pieces of clothes and look smoking hot in them. You can also do so if you style your attire uniquely according to the event you going to attend and pair it with the right amount of accessories.
  9. Sale Shopping: Sales are everyone’s best friends. You can get massive discounts as ethnic wear is expensive.
  10. Buy less n Choose well: Don’t fall into the trap of impulse buying. This is one of the best thing stylist keep in mind while shopping, They Buy less but make sure they choose the product well. Though it might be expensive they make sure it is worth the price.

Buying for the sake of buying and bringing something home is not the right thing to do. Only buy a garment because you love it, it makes you feel great, it makes you look great, suits your current lifestyle and fills a wardrobe hole. Build your lust-worthy and drop-worthy ethnic wardrobe from…!!


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