Wardrobe Essentials for Summer Weddings…!!!

This post shouts out to those, who are certainly not reluctant to go fashion forward in this summer. In all Indian weddings the need to dress up, show up and shake a leg are the mandatory requirements. Summer is here and so are the weddings which seem to have become the flavor of this year’s wedding season. With the rate our friends and relatives are getting married in these hot months, we are left with no choice but sweating and thinking about what to wear and look nothing less than smoking hot!

Summer weddings and light tones like shades of pink are a coupling made in comfort heaven especially in women’s wear. The neutral colors that make a fantastic base for all sorts of color combinations, repels heat during those crucial hours of tearing up the dance floor and makes you look absolutely poised and polished for any occasion. The current obsession is of cream color or self color embroidery that provide all the drama and flare required without the heavy bogged down feeling of actual embellishment. Indian fashion is having a sizzling love affair with floral that doesn’t seem to be cooling off anytime soon. Floral motifs are still dominating the collections and having the best pair with summer weddings. Embroidered, printed, embossed or woven floral designs are being incorporated in all shapes and sizes for every type of garment.

Take a glance at the below outfits for this summer that are an assortment of textures, distinctive styles and structures. Embellish your attire with Kundan, Polki or Diamante jewelry and offset the ivory with white and gold or colored stones i.e. emeralds or rubies. Team it with Gold shoes or go opposite with Red’s to have an eye catchy look. With makeup keep it elegant for which you can go for dewy makeup with a bold lipstick or go smokey eyes with nude lips.

wardrobe essentials for women

Women always sort themselves pretty quickly as compared to men. If an Indian summer wedding for you entails blistering heat and copious amounts of unsightly sweating then light and airy yet brightly colored outfits are ideal. Solid colors are not only slimming but also statement making enough to do away with unnecessary bling that only adds to upping the discomfort factor. While light fabrics are as gods gift for days when you have no choice but to grin and bear the soaring temperatures. There is always a risk of going down the too casual and not dressy enough route so it’s best to proceed with caution when making your selections. Without compromising on the desired look colors need some clever experimentation with silhouettes and subtle textures for added oomph.

wardrobe essentials for men

These wardrobe essential will keep you distinctive yet comfortable and have an impressive appearance. To get this visit https://www.rajwadi.com/


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