Narendra Modi’s Iconic Koti Style…!!

Our very own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who is full of surprises has a sense of style that would give the biggest names in the fashion world a serious run for their money. You don’t always have to be a 5’11’ model to be in style, setting the ramp on fire with some killer looks and mesmerizing catwalks, believing in this statement and proving it completely right is Mr. Modi, the 15th Prime Minister of India who has been blazing the entire zone of politics with his exemplary sense of style. It didn’t take a long time for other leaders around the world to copy his style statement. Mr. Modi’s foreign trips and hosting of important foreign dignitaries is ensuring that he takes the message out to the world that he is definitely one of the most visible politicians India has ever known.

Apart from being a good leader, Mr. Modi with his stunning styling sense has shown that with big powers comes big responsibilities, even with respect to style. Being a PM is just not a simple job. It simply doesn’t mean to only lead a country towards achieving the goal of progress, in fact it also means to stay perfectly in style, in order to show the world that India too, has its own iconic figure.

Waistcoats and jackets have always been a part of men’s wardrobe, which has actually been one of the biggest adaptation from our politicians styles. But tweaking the old style and giving it a revamped look is the Modi jackets which are popularly known as “Modi Koti’s”. These Koti’s have been a staple part of Mr. Modi’s look which he flaunts most of the time wherever he goes. This style has been so influential that even the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping embraced this unpretentious clothing and was seen brandishing the “Modi look” on his Sabarmati visit to India.

Creating a greed in every man’s mind to have this look, these Koti’s are now made in many fabrics like Jute, Linen, Velvet etc furthermore its length stretches out up till the waist. These koti’s are a modification of Kurtas and have made Mr. Modi to be on the design map. They are one of the most versatile piece of clothing in any man’s closet. You can wear it for any occasion such as wedding, a casual brunch, a business meeting, pooja, a cocktail night, etc. They can be paired with kurta-pyjama, Jodhpuri pants, trousers, tweed pants, chinos or jeans to captivates everyone’s attention.

modi koti

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