PM Narendra Modi’s Style Statement!

Indian General Elections are starting from 11th April and its that time when we have to prove that we are the citizens of this country by giving our precious vote to our favourite political leader. Why not vote for your favourite political leader by dressing in the way he or she decks up for a meeting or a rally.

No one can deny that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the amalgamation of power and wit when it comes to matters of the country and has always wooed us with his classic style statement. He is one of the most inspiring leader not only in the field of politics but also in fashion. Mr. Modi is known for his remarkable dressing sense and his classic outfits. His penchant for dressing is driven by different festivals, occasions and places wherever he goes.

Be it a half-sleeved kurta, which he carries with panache, or his crisp nehru jacket which is now well known by his own name – Modi Jacket, almost gives him an appealing charm. This BJP’s front runner has definitely influenced an entire generation of young politicians to groom themselves better. He is one of those few politicians, who actually have a garment named behind him – The Modi Kurta, Kotis, Shawls and his style has gone wild since he became the Prime Minister of India in May 2014.

Let’s be honest. Indian politicians and fashion statements don’t really go hand in hand. But, no doubt in that, there is something very voguish about PM Narendra Modi that no one can ignore.

Bhagyashree. V

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