Different types of Anarkali suits

When the wedding season arrives and your close friends or cousins decides to get married all at the same time, which means you have dozens of Mehendi and Sangeet functions to attend. While we all love our oh-so-pretty Lehengas, wearing them to so many functions back-to-back might just kill the effect! To fix this, you need an outfit that has elegance, sophistication and royalty rolled in together and the answer is Anarkali suits.

Anarkali suits are ruling Indian fashion industry from the last few years. They have a huge part in our Indian ethnic wear. Be it formal or semi-formal or festive season an Anarkali is the best pick if you want to look trendy yet comfortable. These suits look good on all body types that is why they are loved by all women and girls. Without any doubt, this style gives justice to the modern life of a women.

Over the years Anarkali suits have undergone several modernization’s and has elevated to the modish Indo-western look, which is why we thought it will be great to put together a list of different types of Anarkali suits that you need to try at least once. You will be surprised to know the diversity it offers, so let’s get started!

Anarkali Suits with Palazzo pants

Palazzo suits or sharara style suits are a breath of fresh air for those who were bored to death with the typical salwar suit design. While it’s hard to resist the allure of this chic style, it’s advisable that short women stay away from this type. Palazzo’s have been around for some time now but are still ruling the charts. It is not necessary at all to team up your Anarkali with churidar or pants. You can wear palazzo with them and change your look completely as it will make you look both traditional and modern at the same time. When you wear this style, you will surely be noticed.


Front Slit Anarkali suits

This style brings sexiness back to your wardrobe. However, we advise that it’s not a style for women on the heavier side of the scale. Women with athletic body or an hourglass figure can have a field day with this one though. Go for stiff fabrics if you are slim, but pick fabrics like chiffon and georgette if you are bottom heavy. Short girls need not lose heart. Just throw on a pair of high heels and rock the front-slit suit like a diva.


Jacket style Anarkali suits

The suit is accompanied with stitched or separate jacket of varied sizes. Another hot trend when it comes to types of Anarkali suits is the jacket style Anarkali. A heavily embellished jacket with an Anarkali is a great way to add charm to this stupendous attire. As for the jacket colours, go for the classy sliver and golden ones, or for a hue that is in contrast to the colour of your suit. Highly recommended look!


Layered Anarkali suits

This is the flared ensemble that you would want to add up to your list. This frock style suit has several layers at the bottom giving a bouncy effect across the swirls. The latest one in the types of Anarkali suits, the layered Anarkali has caught the eyes of almost every woman. Those bouncy layers give a ‘queen-like’ look and feel to them. These suits are ideal for making heads turn in any social gathering. These are especially great for women who have a tall frame. The sheer length of the fabric is what makes these types of Anarkali suits stand out from the conventional ones.


Bridal Anarkali Suit

Bridal Anarkalis are royal and heavily embroidered when paired along with your traditional jewelry can give you a lavish look. This style is especially for the new brides who would have a tough time in wearing a Saree all the time. This bridal Anarkali is the boon for them. They can wear these suits in their initial days of marriage to be comfortable and stylish. These types of suits generally come with little heavier work than usual suits and are made in all those colors that signifies a bride such as red, pink etc.


Gown style Anarkali suits

Anarkalis can give you a subtle but a richer look. This style is two in one style. You can have the royalty and ethnicity of Anarkali and modern touch. They fall to the floor and you can easily wear them without any pants or churidar and grace every occasion. The beauty of this style speaks for itself and it is going to be an evergreen style as far as fashion is concerned. You can team up this with an embellished clutch and by wearing this you can surely bring effortlessly maximum impact on everyone.


Angarkha style Anarkali suits

This style is inspired by the Mughal era. In this style, the neckline is not generally in middle but rather it’s on the left side or right side. This style is pure traditional but our talented designers have given them a new, fresh and modern look which you can try this season and be a star at any occasion.


I hope you found the blog informative and would surely stock your wardrobe with Anarkalis this Year. Find all these different types of Anarkali suits and much more on our website Rajwadi.com.


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