Outfits for Mother of the Bride

Wedding is the most important day in the life of a Bride. But it is equally crucial for the mother as well, as her beloved daughter steps into a new phase of her life. In an Indian wedding, no one is as excited as the Mother of the bride. She has the pressure to take care of all the arrangements, guests and the welcoming of the Baraat. At the same time, she has to look the most elegant woman amongst the rest so that she can be easily recognized as the Mother of the Bride.

For this auspicious day an eye catching marvelous attire is a must. Gone are the days when a simple Silk Saree was what a Mother of the bride would wear on her daughter’s wedding, it is a new era and the mommies are now not only modern but trendy.

Below are a few options from Rajwadi.com to salute the Mother of the bride and to make sure that she has a well-poised look for her daughter’s wedding.


For more option visit www.rajwadi.com.


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