Flattering Attires for Christmas & New Year

Christmas is sassy, New Year is fun and the wedding season is simply gorgeous. The weather, the bonhomie, the cheer and warmth all around and the awesome parties – everything is stunning about December and, of course, there’s the thrilling anticipation of a Brand New year.

Year after year most women wear some new western attires which may not be that comfortable so why not give a happy twist this year by appearing in an Indian Avatar which can also be reused for other occasions. Give a distinguished look to yourself this party season to stunningly standout in an elegant ethnic attire. Still thinking? Well, here are some Indo-Western fashion tips that will let you enjoy Indian style Christmas & New Year dressing.

Flare your charm in a Celebrity style

Just like Kareena Kapoor Khan go for fusion wear which is in-vogue right now! This fashion aspect will be a huge bonus, when you plan your Christmas dress for an Indian-themed party. Indo-Western gowns, fusion Anarkali Suit & Jacket style layered flare dress– all will come to your aid! You can choose a gown-style floor-length Indian suit or a gown with Indian embroidery and styling.


Unique Dresses

You can actually go Indian – without being too Indian! This works best for those who love, or are most comfortable in Indian-wear, but wish to join the on-trend bandwagon for a fun Christmas gathering. Stick to Western elements, cuts and silhouettes like the peplum look, frock flared dress, abstract prints, capes, waist-flaunting fit and flare styles. Channel a gown-like dress for a gorgeous party look and see how comfortable yet stylish you will feel at your Christmas or New Year party.


Eccentric Indo-Western Gowns

Clean n Chic is the formula to get this look right. Never over-do, or pile on everything that comes to your mind, while dressing up for a Christmas or New Year party. Choose dresses or Indian outfits that are either plain, or absolutely low-key, in terms of dressy embroidery or ostentation. Choose outfits that are artfully done, trendier pieces, go for infusing luxury, focus on the luster of the fabric or embellishments with a more contemporary touch. For the lush appeal keep things largely plain. You can also rely on prints and colors, instead of going the whole Indian way.


Rightly Accessorise 

Accessories can be your savior, when trying to get a specific look or theme right. In Christmas context too, you can easily DE-construct or tone down the Indian look or an Indian ethnic outfit with the right accessories. Avoid heavy Indian jewelry or traditional neck-pieces rather go for bangle set on one hand, bracelets, dangling earrings or bold finger ring. Keep your bag and shoes Indo-Western while styling your look. This is true that you can add trendy accessories or statement pieces to instantly glam up an Indian style Christmas look.


Women are notoriously known as shopaholics for obvious reasons! And let’s face it all that passion for shopping pays off in the end when you turn those eyeballs your way. But when it comes to men there are some that are just-not-so-shopping-crazy, some just don’t seem to find the time. Well, we cannot change their ways but we can surely give some trendy Indo-western fashion to follow this season that can make your men look just as stunning as you do. And for all the fashion-conscious men out there, we have brought you some designer-approved trends in menswear.

Solitary Suits

There’s no doubt in saying that, nothing matches to the beauty and grandeur of an Indo-Western suit. Whether it is wedding, party or a festival, this goes exceptionally well on all special occasions. This season is all about textures, tonal colors, monochrome look and basic silhouettes. The definitive panel of this combination is a sure shot hit.


Richness of a Jodhpuri Suit

A touch of modernization to an authentic look is what you need this party season. Bright colors, bold textures, a small accessory is an ideal way to amplify your look. So, be a little more experimental and pair a classic look with your party wear looks and see how you grab all the attention.


You can achieve unique and gorgeous looks – in Indian as well as any kind of styling. Just remember to keep things in a nice balance! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us – in the comments section. Shop for all these looks from Rajwadi.com

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all our fantastic readers…!!!

Bhagyashree. V

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