Indian Street Fashion..!!!

The character of any city is expressed through its Streets. Every street has a name which actually has a hidden story which could be related to its history, ethnicity, culture, food and sometimes even the entire mood of the city. The first thing that could come to our mind when we hear the word “Street” can be walking pathway, noise, pollution, cars, beggars, chaiwala, homeless people, vegetable sellers..etc.. One things that is common among’st every street is the Street Fashion of that particular area, city, state or country. Street Style or street fashion, is personal style that emerges not from the trends shot in studios but from the city roots that is seen on the people on streets. There could be a lot of cultural elements, some external influences too but street style tends to be distinctive for each city.

It is something that evolves out of one’s own comfort arena, is nurtured with one’s own creative capacity and is immensely influenced by the milieu that one is subjected to. It is an intimate relationship that an individual has with his or her street style, this is what makes this trend so inevitable. In one way or the other it is also largely an impersonation of one’s persona.

In the light of the above elucidation, since street style is heavily influenced by one’s surrounding, it is but obvious that Indian Street Style is bound to reflect the ‘Desi’ spirit that we all live by. In fact, Indian streets continuously reflect in our ethnic women’s fashion right from the love for hand-loom, cotton or any other fabrics through the most classic albeit comfortable attires like Kurtis, sarees, lehengas, blouses, etc…. Below are some reflections of street fashion on the current ethnic fashion!

Street Fashion-1Street Fashion-2Street Fashion-3Street Fashion-4Street Fashion-5Street Fashion-6Street Fashion-7Street Fashion-8

If you really sit to think on this, when was the last time you spared two minutes thinking about the relevance of the same? What is after all so immortal about street fashion? The answer to this has forever hovered around us, waiting to be acknowledged. Indian Ethnic fashion is still rooted and reflects our Street Fashion. Adaptation from the streets to our glam ethnic attires has always been enhancing and cherished to the peak. Create your own style and always keep your eyes open to get influence from the streets.



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