5 Pieces to Invest in this season..!!!

Fashion is the prevailing style or custom. Indian fashion varies from one village to another village, from one city to another city. It’s heritage is rich in tradition, vibrant in colors and prepossessing. Each season does bring a range of particular colors and styles. It is something we deal with everyday. It is a style of living with some changes in person’s outlook according to the current trend. To be trendy and fashionable, people are changing their style of dressing, talking, living and behaving completely. One thing that is certain in the fashion world is Change. Modern look in India is inspired from traditions which is adding and modifying current craze.

Fashion is commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most people of a country. A particular look remains popular till a large segment of society flaunts it; that could be for a few months or years. However, it is normal for the fashion mania to change according to the seasons. This season is full of surprises with the aspect of colors that are being exhibited as generally during summers the common colors worn are pastel shades. Contrasting it in this season are the timeless silhouettes that are combined with light weight fabrics and bright tones.

Below are 5 pieces/styles to invest in this season.

Winsome Art Silk fabric Saree
Parrot Green Wedding Dress Material worn by Drashti Dhami
Designer Lehenga Choli with Mirror Work
Trouser Suit with Sequins and Zari Work 
Chiffon Off White and Pink Two Tone Saree

Get these investment pieces that can be worn irrespective of the changes in trend as they are eternal from Rajwadi.com. Team them with various accessories that compliment the look and you will be ready to Rock n Roll..!!!


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