Gear up for IPL 2017

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a collaboration between cricket and the entertainment industry in India and even those who aren’t too fond of this sport find it tough to stay away from it. This cricket celebration is special to lovers of the game and all those who are involved love it to the death! IPL Matches are getting increasingly thrilling with the dark horses defending their honor and undisputed champions crumbling right at the onset. Catching this excitement first hand is an adrenaline pumping experience and watching yourself on the big screen is icing on the cake. As the entire nation is gripped with IPL fever, here’s a blog which will give you a sneak peek into how to be seen on the big screen during the match and also come on television

Some simple tricks:

  • Dress up differently to be easily caught by the camera and if it’s more than one person then you will definitely not be missed.
  • Wear the sponsor’s name accessories which are mostly available on sale when you enter the stadium.
  • If you are going with a huge group color coordination with matching accessories like same color cap will increase your chance.
  • Have big poster’s of some customized writing which is a sure shot way to be shown on the screen (write on the most popular player of the team as he is bound to do well and that’s when the poster will also be shown).
  • Don’t chase the camera when you are more focused on the game and emotionally attached your reaction will be captured.
  • Pose quickly when the camera is on you to be clicked the way you want to be rather than being clicked randomly or in a wired pose.
  • One of the easiest way it is purchase ticket of the first row in the best stand where there will be a fielder all the time during the game and your reaction will be visible.
  • Avoid wearing black rather wear white which will keep you cool and you can paint it or style it differently.
  • Wear you favorite cricketer’s mask on your face and cheer when they play well.


Hope this will help you feature during the match. Cheers to the ten years of this crazy summer fest and as the slogan say’s “Dus Saal Aapke Naam”…!!! Please write your feedback in the comments section below.

Cricketing fever beginnssss…..!!!!!!



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