Hair Fashion..This Summer…!!

Every new year that pops out, we all look to revamp ourselves. One simple idea is to make a substantial change in your hair, it could be a new haircut or any kind of coloring. It is more beneficial to be aware about the hair trends for the year before getting a new look. Most of our ways of day to day styling are inspired by popular celebrities or style icons. When it comes to fashion, we admire our sizzling and charming Bollywood divas. All their makeovers, particularly their hairstyles through which they flaunt their beauty are always fascinating. Each female Bollywood celebrity carries her own exclusive style. Some keep them short and funky, others love long and wavy, some carries messy buns while others try side fishtails. To make it easier for you we’ve picked some hot favorite hairstyles which are not complicated yet fashionable and trending in 2017.

As the heat is building up for summer it’s essential to keep your hair tied up but still stylish. Certain looks for casual day wear are Stretched out waves: These waves are looser than your average Old-Hollywood wave, best way to get it is with one-inch curling iron. Curly bangs: It’s playful and very cool especially if you have naturally curly hair. Swept back: Twisted around and pulled to one side which meets a smaller strand in the back for an elegant polished result. Pretty up-dos: Take a center partition to braid a fat plait on either side and then crisscross them around the front of your head. Leave out a few strands to create a messy look. High sleek ponytails: We’ve seen many celebrities with a sleek pulled-back high ponytail. It gives such a flirty yet elegant look. Ballerina buns:  A simple bun with some braids or twists make a statement.

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The never ending summer parties can be rocked with these hairstyles. Deep side part: Hair is pulled toward the back and not necessarily over to one side. Vintage buns: Simply part your hair in the center, do two twists on either side and spritz them with hairspray. Sleek straight hair: Straight, sleek and shiny is hard to beat, we’re head over heels for this sleek straight hair style as it is super basic, super easy yet super chic. Sleek wet look: Although a bit more high-fashion this wet look has graced the red carpet on many occasions. Innovative ponies: Braided knot to our favorite classic ponies gives an excellent contemporary look. Beach waves: They are perfect for all hair types and lengths as they are just scrunch up with a mousse to get a crisp effect.

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Hope you are excited to try these..!! Please let me know in the comments which one you are going for..!!! I would love to see the results.

Happy Experimenting..!!!


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