Play it Fashionable this HOLI…!!

HoLi Hai….!!! Also known as the ‘Festival of Colors’, it is a celebration which memorialize the victory of good over evil. The name ‘Holi’ came from Lord Krishna who played pranks on girls by soaking them in water and colors. With less than two days to go for this most awaited festival in our country which has already kicked off with kids who have started looking for victims on the streets for their color filled balloons! Along with all the usual supplies for the celebration, it’s time to slim down your choices on what to wear this Holi to look trendy yet feel comfortable! We all know how wacky Holi can be, from a water balloon fight to becoming indistinguishable in just an hour’s time. If you’re one of those who consider Holi to be celebrated insanely then these essential Holi tips are for you.

Holi fashion is no longer sticking to old white clothes. Traditionally white was worn to make the splashed colors look appealing. You can wear white alone or mix and match it with other colors. Females can team up their tees or tops with palazzo/trousers or a loose fitted white tops with denim hot pants or light blue jeans which are timeless. Ditsy prints paired with white will create a statement. Likewise, try teaming up light colors such as pink, yellow, purple, green or clashing colors to look fab and rare among the white clique. Male can be stress free and keep it simple by just wearing a white kurta or t-shirt with jeans or shorts. Its essential to prefer the right fabric while choosing clothes for Holi especially for females. Cotton works the best and keeps you relaxed in the heat. Certain fabrics that cling to your body or might turn transparent when wet are a major faux-pas.

Not only attire, but you can play with various other features to look fashionable like nail colors, shoes, basic make-up and hair. Select footwear’s like sneakers, floaters, ballerinas, loafers or simple slippers. Style your hair with some chic hairdos such as a ponytail, braided bun, French Braid, or Double French into High Pony, etc… Paint your nails with plain colors or play with unique nail arts to shield them from holi colors. To look gorgeous among your friends moisturize your skin with waterproof sunscreen and then simply apply waterproof eyeliner with waterproof mascara and kajal and nude lips with lots of moisture.

Do not forget the must haves which are: An old yet trendy sunglasses and waterproof phone case.

Holi is the apt time to break the ice, be crazy yet keep it stylish… Happy Holi..!!


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