The timeless beauty of Embroidery Sarees

Embroidery as an art form has branched out into an intricate process. The elegant and graceful charm of saree, especially embroidered saree, has been wooing women of all walks of life across the world.

India – the land of many cultures, traditions, languages and religions is known for its rich heritage. When it comes to ethnic Indian attire, it is as diverse as our culturally rich country. A strong symbol of Indian culture is the nine yard of sheer beauty called saree. The elegant and graceful charm of saree, especially embroidered saree, has been wooing women of all walks of life across the world. The majority of traditional embroidered saree comprises needle-work to form different and intricate motifs and designs.  

Basically, embroidery is a craft of decorating fabric with patterns, motifs, stitched in strands of thread using a needle. Interestingly, it was said that embroidery work made with needles originated in China in the 2000 BC and it began to evolve in the 3rd century. Although this art was practiced and honed over several generations for many centuries in India, it flourished in the 16th century under Emperor Akbar’s rule.

India is famous for embroidered fabric, especially handcrafted saree. Every state has different embroidery techniques classified depending on the cultural and religious heritage of that particular region. And states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir are famous for being the most creative producers of embroidered sarees.

Embroidered saree work includes hand embroidery as well as sewing with embellishments like sequins, zari, beads, pearls, mirrors, etc. Various types of embroidery techniques like aari work, zari work, zardosi work, phulkari work and so on are famous in India, depending on the fabric and style of the saree. Let’s take a look at different saree fabrics enhanced with different embroidered work. 

Banarasi Embroidered Sarees

Banarasi saree features eminence, grace and grandeur. Usually fabricated in silk, a Banarasi saree is a show-stopper of amazing weaving and embroidery work. Banarasi originated in the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and was initially made using pure gold and silver strings. Known for its intricate weaving technique, Banarasi embroidery saree is one of India’s best traditional sarees. This elegant saree is famous for showcasing delicate zari and zardosi embroidery and is especially reserved for weddings and other important occasions. Be it the bride or bridesmaid, it complements everyone and every occasion.

Lucknowi Embroidered Sarees

Lucknowi, also called chikankari, embroidered saree is famous for its intricate and delicate looking embroidery. Initially worn by the royals, this centuries-old craft form is woven with intricate embroidery that brings a vintage charm, grace and luxe feel to any outfit. Produced in Lucknow, this saree is crafted soft fabric with matching pastel colored threads that looks as if a three dimensional embroidery is done on them. A gorgeous Chikankari embroidered saree is a perfect choice for a semi-formal occasion like evening dinner and get-together. The delicacy of the designs will pair well with classy jewelry like pearls.

Bandhani Embroidery Sarees

Bandhani is a vibrant craft, associated with auspiciousness, It is one of the oldest known methods of tie-dyeing and was discovered some 5000 years ago; since then, this ancient craft has survived over time and grown from strength to strength. This art is carried out by skilled Bandhani dyers and artisan families involved in this traditionally craft for generations. Legends have it that wearing Bandhani saree invites good luck and is considered auspicious for mothers to gift it to their daughters for their wedding. This technique is most famous in Rajasthan and Gujarat states. Be it Gharchola or Panetar from Gujarat or colourful turbans won by the men of Rajasthan, Bandhani has managed to make itself omnipresent in our lives.

Hand Embroidery Sarees

The beauty of hand embroidery is that showcases culture and heritage of the country and each design is made unique and exclusive. However, this form of exquisite and highly detailed art needs extensive and expert craftsmanship and experience. There are more than 50 types of embroidery techniques in the world and each being significantly different from the other in terms of the stitch, colour and design. Hand embroidered saree is usually preferred by brides and bridesmaid for the special day.

Silk Embroidered Saree

When it comes to saree, silk is an elegant fabric that never goes out of style and when paired with embroidery, it is a must-have piece of art. Embroidered silk sarees have gained massive acclaim in the fashion world today. A classic embroidered silk saree is a great option for almost any special occasion or party. Famous kinds of silk sarees are Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Paithani and more. This royal looking fabric is the first choice for wedding and festive seasons.

Net Embroidered Sarees

Net embroidered sarees have become popular and preferred attire among modern women. An intricate embroidery fabricated on net saree, this piece of art looks delicate and chic, and lends a modern twist to the classic weave. Net embroidered sarees are light and simple to wear and therefore is the most preferred drape to be worn at any occasion, especially in weddings and special occasions.  This stylish and modern saree has the power to elevate your persona to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication and therefore it is a popular choice among celebrities and fashionistas.

Chiffon Embroidered Sarees

If you are someone who prefers lightweight, easy to drape saree that can also accentuate her figure then chiffon is the perfect and the best-suited choice, The versatility and lightweight of chiffon embroidery saree is what makes it so appealing and comforting. The enchanting beauty of this garment lies in its versatility and elegance. Chiffon embroidered sarees are one of the most popular sarees women wear on festivals and wedding occasions.

Designer Heavy Embroidery Sarees

Are you a bride to be and still searching for a perfect saree, a heavy embroidery saree is a perfect choice for you. This saree never goes out of fashion and will definitely make stand out from the rest. Designer heavy embroidered sarees are not only elite but also artistic and visually appealing. So waste no time and pick yourself this exclusive, elegant and gorgeous saree before it is gone.


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