Comfortable Churidar Suits

Ethnic suits in India is the most comfortable clothing for women. Because of variations in Indian culture, there are many options available in terms of styles like – Salwar Suit, Anarkali Suit, Churidar Suits or Chudidar Suits, Patiala Suits, Trouser Suits, Straight Fit Suits, etc. From among all the suits mentioned above, anarkali suits and churidar suits are the most favourite attire of women from all around the globe. Not only Indian ladies but these suits are also loved by every women who are aware about the traditional and ethnic clothing of India.


Today we will be writing about churidar suits because it is one of the most loved outfit by women all ages whether they are young or old, housewife or working women, this style is famous among all because of its comfort and casual style. Churi” name originates from the bangle when worn together form Churi look and in the same way bottom of the churidar suit are tight and long, forming the shape of a “Chudi” at the bottom just as we see bangle set on women’s hands.


It emanates elegance, looks classy and most importantly its comfortable and easy to carry. Churidar suit is made available in diverse fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, satin etc. This attire is particularly well-suited to slim and trim figures, though the long accompanying kameez is great for curvier body types as well. You will find them in both readymade and unstitched materials. So you can purchase them as per your preference and whatever you feel is comfortable.

Bhagyashree. V

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