Do’s & Dont’s During Lock-down

The times are tough and situation in still not getting good. Government is draining a lot of money to get the situation under control and at same time trying to decrease every citizens loss as much as possible. Let us be grateful for everything that we have right now!

Now it is our duty to help the government to defeat COVID 19and get the country back to normal. We all know the inconvenience we all are going through! Let us all co-operate with our government and take initiative to end this situation as soon as possible!

Following is a list Do’s and Don’ts we need to do on our part


Spread happiness positivity

Spreading happiness using social media is easy, it’s fun and most of all it will increase your own personal happiness. Each post you create has the ability to touch hundreds of millions because you just never know how far your reach will go. The possibilities are endless. In this situation where fake content is spreading like wildfire, we need to start spreading happy and positive messages. It could be jokes, some funny old picture/video or even spiritual message

Pray for at least 5 mins for immediate end of this situation & Meditate

We have to pray to god that this situation comes to end soon and the world revives from this recession at a quick pace. Also we need to pray for the countries that are affected the worst, for the needy and the poor so that they face fewer difficulties and they get all the help that they need.

“Often healing takes place in ourselves as we pray for the healing of others”

Michael Debakey

A study conducted at Duke University proves that prayer can prevent a person from getting sick and when a person become sick, prayer helps him in getting relief faster. So if you are atheist still pray for the rest!

Take the precautions and keep your mind away from fake news

Take precautions like washing hands, social distancing, avoid touching eyes nose and mouth and practice respiratory hygiene.

Fake news has been around as long as human civilisation, but it has been turbo-charged by digital technology and the transformation of the global media landscape. Please do not believe anything that is communicated by unofficial sources via any digital media. Believe only government released information and reputed news channels.

Read books, Learn new things or take up hobby

With so much free time you can use your time reading books, learning new things (as simple as cooking), or take up a hobby if possible! DO NOT WASTE THIS PRECIOUS TIME!

Basic exercise and yoga

Keep yourself fit at home! All the gym trainers are going live on social media to help you exercise from home! Fitness is very important to stay safe from this disease! Also you may end up with a weight gain at the end of lockdown!

Eat & drink healthy, especially things that increase immunity

Since there is no proper cure for this disease yet, Strong immunity is the only way to prevent this disease from infecting you. Eat Almonds, Broccoli, lemon and lemon juice, Spinach, Garlic, milk, orange juice, cereals, carrots, and sweet potatoes etc. and boost your immunity

Spend time with family, talk to your parents and grandparents about their childhood and experiences

One of the ways to distract yourself and your family from this situation is spending time with family. You can play various board games, ruminate on old memories, go through old photo albums etc.  you can help each other in household chores as well. Use this time in spending quality time with your loved ones which you won’t get otherwise from your busy life!

Take care of your employees and house help & make them aware

It is very important to keep your employees and domestic helper aware of the situation. We need to educate them on precautions and ask them to stay indoors to keep themselves and their family safe. Also we should not cut their salaries as they also have to take care of their family! Please help them in every way possible!


Don’t Spread fake messages on social media


From offering unverified home remedies to tackle the virus, to floating fake advisories asking people to avoid foods such as ice cream and chicken, and sharing conspiracy theories, Phones are being flooded with misinformation. In India, the Delhi government has recently introduced guidelines which state that people spreading fake news on WhatsApp (which could directly or indirectly incite violence, lead to tension or friction and may contain false information) could land in jail for three years. So please think before sending anything!

Don’t hoard/overstock your daily needs

Do not overstock your daily need! All the stores that sell essential need products will be open so don’t panic and overstock it! Your panic purchase might deprive someone of the essential needs.

Don’t panic

Prepare but don’t panic is India’s mantra to counter coronavirus. Government has taken all the necessary steps to counter this situation. Panicking and worrying and stressing and freaking out is not going to change what is. If you get it, you’ll survive it. If you practice decent hygiene it will improve your odds not to get it. Even if you do get it, you’ll be fine. It’s not something you want to take lightly but it’s something that you’re going to survive!

Don’t take the situation lightly

It’s not something you want to take lightly but it’s something that you’re going to survive! Take proper precautions and do as the government says! Don’t risk others’ lives because of your irresponsibility! Please understand the seriousness of the situation and learn from mistake made by other countries.

Don’t meet anyone or go anywhere in the lockdown situation just because you are bored

All we will say is STAY AT HOME, DON’T GO OUTSIDE

Don’t keep your expenses high

Try to decrease your expenses only to essentials. Lets hope that this disease vanishes within 21 days! Keep your cash handy and decrease your expenses only to essential needs! You never know how long this might take! Try to save as much as you can and help the poor and the needy!

Don’t keep track of number of cases and deaths

Fear is a very strong vibration and more fearful we are of any epidemic it becomes a reality very fast.. it’s the law. The more you feed the energy of fear the more profound it becomes. Ignore the things you don’t want to participate in. Stop discussing it with family and friends; stop checking out the latest statistics. Stop watching incessantly the news about Corona Virus. “The more we talk about it the more it becomes active in our vibration.” All we want to say is be aware of the situation but stop checking on it continuously.

Don’t waste your time!

Last thing that we would like to suggest is that don’t waste your precious time. Use it wisely for your personal growth. Stop wasting time by watching movies and series! (It is creating a lot of pressure on our telecom infrastructure as well) Instead read books, articles, learn through youtube. There a vast amount of data out there! Use this situation to your advantage!

Let us all turn this Crisis into an Opportunity!

Vijay Chheda

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