Best Sherwani Styles for Groom

When a wedding is just around the corner, it is the bride who is the centre of attention. Bride’s families and friends spend hours trying to ensure that she has the best trousseau possible, with all the elaborate outfits. Whereas, men did not pay much attention to what they would wear during the wedding, simple outfits or whatever their family picked out for them, would be final choice for them. But the modern man is aware of what type of sherwani he is looking forward to wear for his wedding along with accessories that goes well with his sherwani.

If you’re about to get married this season then make sure to look after these oh-so-perfect sherwani styles to choose from, to celebrate your big day!


Would you want to look like the Prince Charming at the wedding? Then this style of sherwani is the ultimate choice for you! Chipkan style of sherwanis descend from the Mughal era but have been updated to reflect contemporary tastes with ever evolving new fabrics, patterns and colours. If you have the wish to add that touch of royalty to your look so that it can significantly appeal to almost anyone then this sherwani style is all you need.

Chipkan - MSH26847


Choosing an Indowestern Sherwani for marriage might be an unconventional choice, but if you want to make a new fashion experiment in terms of switching your look from traditional to little bit of modern then this type of sherwanis are the perfect to choose from. Wearing an Indowestern sherwani for marriage will make you look balanced and also you will appear like a trendsetter. To let the essence of these types of Sherwani flow, slip into a stylish Patiala bottom or Breeches.

Indowestern - MIW21195


If you have a toned upper body then going for a Angrakha sherwani, is without any doubt, a perfect choice. This Sherwani is high on demand and you might have to surf through a couple of boutiques to grab the right fit. Finding the right style of bottom wear is not tough because this sherwani looks good with almost any type of bottom style. And, don’t forget to enrich the look by putting on a pair of royal mojaris.

Angrakha - MIW21607


The Jacket style sherwanis are undoubtedly for those with a princely taste. This sherwani is made from classic materials including banarasi, raw silk or jamawar fabric and are beautifully embellished with antique looking motifs, zardozi and matte gold finish. Jacket style sherwanis should be paired with churidar and contemporary juttis that can be custom made from the same fabric of sherwani to complete the look.

Sherwani with Jacket - MIW17022


Jodhpuri sherwanis also known as Bandhgala Sherwanis has evolved from Rajasthan, just as the name suggests. This is yet another royal style that is often worn for royal weddings. Jodhpuri sherwanis has finally made its entry into the Indian weddings with it’s colour, bodywork, and of course the charm. Only the designer who hold years of experience, make this sherwani so that the look of the outfit is maintained. To add an extra edge to the sherwani, you can pair it up with Jackets or stoles with classy mojaris.

Jodhpuri - MSH21587

Be it a bride or a groom what matters the most is to look perfect on the wedding day, after all its the most special occasion of your life. When choosing an ensemble, make sure that you opt for something comfortable. In terms of accessories, we recommend to not go overboard but put on just enough of it to bring a little bit of elegance and style to your look. If your selection is classic and regal then you will surely make the heads towards you!

Bhagyashree. V

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