Stylish ways to drape a Dupatta on Lehenga Choli..

Lehenga cholis can never be complete without a dupatta. As Lehenga choli is a mandatory style that is to be worn by an Indian bride on her wedding, its very important that she chooses her outfit wisely so that she can feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Lehenga Cholis are considered to be one of the oldest and most worn outfit in India after Saree. And as mentioned above, we cannot imagine a lehenga choli without a beautiful dupatta so it is undeniably an inevitable part of a bride’s D-day look! Some brides pair their lehenga choli with single dupatta and some pair it with double dupattas as per the bride’s choice.

We all like to experiment with our outfits. So, here are 10 innovative ideas regarding how you can drape your beautiful dupatta and make the heads turn this wedding season.

One Side Fall Style :

This is the most simple and comfortable yet stylish way to drape a dupatta. It is one of the styles that is mostly worn by our bollywood divas. This style is most famous among young girls who are not able to handle dupatta comfortably. You can pin it on your shoulder but do make sure that dupatta is not creased otherwise it will spoil the look of the outfit.

Single Shoulder Fall Style

Full Back Fall Style :

This style of draping the dupatta is styled by throwing the dupatta from the back of your arms and let it rest on the inner corner of your elbows. It goes well with lehengas that have heavy flare, also it goes well with floor length anarkali suits and gowns. It looks quite royal and will complement your attire to make it stand out.

Full back fall style

Front Full Covered Style :

This is also one of those styles that is famous among our bollywood celebrities. It is one of the simplest and the most elegant dupatta draping styles that you can carry for an everyday style. Just lay your dupatta across your shoulders and let it fall freely on both sides. It is the best way to show off that classy work and border of your dupatta.

Front all covered style

Cape Style – Over The Shoulder :

Yet another way to flaunt that yard long drape is to casually put it on your shoulders to achieve a cool look for that traditional outfit. Also this style doesn’t have any hassle of pinning it on your shoulders if you are wearing dupatta with heavy embellishments on it like stone and diamond work as they make the dupatta fall naturally, making it comfortable for you to flaunt this style.

Over the shoulder cape style

Single Dupatta draped like a Gujarati Saree :

This style is mostly worn by the bride on her wedding day. In this style, dupatta is draped on right shoulder just like a gujarati saree. If the bride needs a more unique look then she can get one more dupatta for her lehenga choli and put it on her head as a veil. It makes the outfit look more royal. It’s a style that can mostly be seen in Gujarati and Rajasthani weddings, and looks super sweet especially on Moms and Maasis.

Single Dupatta draped like a Gujarati Saree

Single Dupatta draped like a Saree with Waist belt :

This is one of the styles that will surely make the heads turn. In this style, you pleat the dupatta and hand it over your shoulder. Then you will need a belt made in art silk or velvet material with intricate embellishments on it. You should select a belt that goes well with the outfit and tie it around your waist with the dupatta tucked inside it.

Single dupatta draped like a saree with waist belt

Single Dupatta taken over one shoulder and wrapped around wrist on the other :

This style of draping the dupatta works beautifully on contrast sheer dupattas. If you want elegant and effortless look then you need to bookmark this dupatta draping style. In this style, you need to pin only one side of your drape on your shoulder and let the other side of dupatta wrapped around your wrist to give it a unique look.

Single dupatta taken over one shoulder and wrapped around wrist on the other

Double Dupatta – one over the head and other draped in normal saree style :

Over the head is a standard look for brides and is something that will never go out of fashion. The double dupatta is very much in trend in the wedding fashion world. You could opt for a similar coloured double dupatta or also go for a contrast shade.

Double Dupatta - one over the head and other draped in normal saree style

Single Dupatta – Center veil style :

This style is fun, flowy and most admired by Indian brides. You need to neatly pin up your dupatta at the center of your head and let it flow freely. It’s very important to note that you do not select too heavy dupatta for this style.

Single Dupatta – Center veil style

High Neck Style –

The classic and easy way to drape the dupatta around your neck and let it fall freely on back. It doesn’t require to pin. It is another casual and chick way to put on dupatta for an effortless style. This style of draping a dupatta can be donned with almost all outfits such as lehenga cholis, churidar suits, anarkali suits, etc.

High Neck Style

So which dupatta draping style is your favourite? Comment below!

Bhagyashree. V

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