4 Types of Must Have Accessories for Groom

Just like a bride’s look is incomplete without a perfect jewellery, a groom’s look is incomplete without a perfect accessory. As men do not need to put on too much jewellery or accessories like a bride does so its very important to add ethnic accessories to the outfits that they will be wearing for their Big Day.

Its very important to match the correct accessory as per the sherwani, jodhpuri suit, etc..that is selected for groom otherwise it will spoil the whole look of the outfit. So to avoid any confusion regarding what accessories, a groom should buy to match their wedding sherwani or suit, we have some better options for you.

Safa or Turban

Turbans play an important role in the wedding season. Everybody wants to wear a turban, but only few know how to wear it in style. Turbans are, a cloth that acts as a head gear. It’s quite a few feet long as it has to be worn on the head. Nowadays readymade turbans are available and it can directly be placed on the head. Compliment your attire with different and contrasting coloured turbans or try floral designed turbans which will make all the heads turn towards you.


Dupatta or Stole

NO! They are not just for women. A scarf or stole is a simple cloth to wrap around the neck as part of the outfit and this will look good with almost every traditional outfit. Even men can wear it and flaunt it with ease. They are colourful and can be paired with any traditional Indian wear for men. Stole is made of light material, so carrying it around your neck is easy and comfortable. Some of them are single coloured like maroon, golden, red, etc. and they look classy when paired with the right kind of outfit. You can wear it on a kurta, sherwani, pathani and it looks pretty decent and kinda gives you that commanding look in the crowd.


Mala or Brooch

Now this is one of the most useful accessory you can use when it comes to wearing traditional attire. Choosing a Mala or Brooch and pairing them with the right outfit may seem difficult. But we have figured it out for you! A Brooch or Mala can be very effective and is an awesome way to add a little more charm to your look. It helps in personalizing your outfit. They are a sparkling accessory as they increase the royalty of your look and gives the elegant feel to your outfit. They are mostly worn with sherwani, kotis or suits. They come in different patterns and designs. Some Brooches have chains or attachments to them while some brooches are a single piece and Malas are mostly made of pearl, kundan, stone or diamond that makes your Indian outfit appear even richer.


Mojari or Juttis

Traditional clothing has its exclusive allure and no man misses a chance to showcase such an attractive look. From weddings and dandiya nights to Diwali and Eid celebration in the office, it’s a raging fashion now more than ever. Pair these traditional wears with the right mojari shoes for a flawless look.

These Juttis for men are handcrafted footwears that account as the most popular traditional shoes today. Their different designs demonstrate cultural diversity, depending on the local ethos where they are manufactured. Mojaris are stitched using cotton thread, which makes it both comfortable and strong. No matter what kind of ethnic attire you slip in, this ethnic footwear for men will match well with them.


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Bhagyashree. V

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