Net Saree Trend

Net is the King of Sheer fabrics in Indian ethnic fashion especially in Sarees. Garments with elements of net can be traced back to ancient India as well as western civilizations. While historically the origin of this fabric remains unclear, it is apparent that it has been used for centuries. In terms of ethnic fashion, the oldest net Saree is traced to the Pre-Mughal era. Net was introduced to India during the British Empire and was worn when Indian women wanted to emulate the fashion styles of the British women.

Net has now become one of the most sensual fabrics available in the fashion industry. It is used widely to create Indian ethnic attires as well. It owes its popularity to the mystical aura that it generates when worn. Net Sarees can be worn in a variety of different ways. When wearing a net Saree, the diaphanous pallu is usually the highlight of the garment. These Sarees can be paired with light jewelry that does not take away from the gauzy look of the garment and high heeled shoes. The ensemble is usually received well at both, formal and informal occasions.

For people who love wearing Sarees or who have to wear them at least for family functions, selecting the right Saree material that suits the occasion, season or your body type is always a mystery. Below is a glimpse of few options that will help you:


Net Saree is one of the evergreen trend for all seasons. If you are a true fashion addict, you need to own it in style. I hope that now you have no doubt in the fact that a Net Saree is the most fashionable and sassiest dressing style for any occasion. For more options visit


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