Ethnic Wardrobe Essential

India is the land of multiple traditions and a variety of mesmerizing cultural festivals. Centuries ago, some genius figured out that six yards of unstitched fabric could become a complete garment. Little did he or she know that this attire would transcend the boundaries of time and evolve into a fashion statement. This ensemble, after having survived hundreds of years of changes, invasions, colonization’s, globalization has now emerged as a much fancied, glamorous and sexy outfit, seen adorned by beautiful women all over the world.

Saree gives a woman a sense of luxury, grace, elegance and femininity like no other. It is an attire that flatters the female form and definitely is an attention grabber, whether on the red carpet, a friend’s wedding or an office party. It is truly the most versatile garment as it can be draped in several different ways, worn with different kinds of blouses, can be paired with a trouser and can be accessorized in numerous ways.

Sarees come in a whole range of different fabrics, colors, patterns, with different prints, embroidery, etc….there is literally no end with the kind of variety one can have in their wardrobe.  Below are some of the most essential types of Sarees that every woman must have in her closet.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

One of the most famous Sarees on which every woman loses her heart. Generally embroidered with Gold or Silver work on brocade that is used as trims and zari embroidery which enhances the whole look. The Indian wedding is incomplete without women flaunting their Banarasi Silk Sarees.


Pure Silk Sarees

Pure Silk is one Saree that is treasured in everyone’s closet for years. Silk Sarees are well famous not only in India but around the world for their designs, vibrant colors and Embroidery.


Half N Half Sarees

Saree that is in two parts for a unique look is the concept of a half n half Saree. This new form of sari is popularly known as two tone Saree which is a hot trending attire for women’s and girl’s of all ages.


Net Sarees

Net Sarees are an all-time favorite due to its royal look and comfort feel which makes it a favorite among the young girls. Net fabrics are now-a-days available in may prints and patterns which is making them a very popular party wear option.


Art Silk Sarees

Art silk resembles to natural silk but is a synthetic fiber that typically costs less to produce, thus it comes in wide varieties and designs. Art silk Sarees are the perfect choice for modern Indian women who want to be traditional yet fashionable.


Chiffon Silk Sarees

Chiffon is one lustrous fabric that is always cherished. Sarees are pretty easy to handle in this fabric as it is a perfect base for all kinds of embroideries. This classic fabric is now merged with Silk for a more alluring appeal. It gives a sophisticated look as well as perfect comfort.


Cotton Silk Sarees

Cotton Silk Saree is an ideal choice especially during summer as its gives the softness of cotton and glowing charm of silk. Enhanced with embroidery or Banarasi weaving and you are ready to go for any summer occasion or wedding.


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