Purple Color of 2018

Pantone, known for its custom color matching system, has officially announced its annual color for 2018 as Ultra Violet. Pantone describes the color as a “provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that embodies individuality and spirituality. According to the company, it alludes to the mysteries of the cosmos and the unknown. This ultra-modern color will reign the world of graphic design, package design, fashion and home decor in 2018 is actually a blue based purple shade. It is an empowering combination created with just the right proportions of blue and red and it makes you feel the future happens right here, right now.

Purple is also the official logo color that is the symbol of Venus of International Women’s Day. The symbol is decorated in the colour purple along with pictures of different women in the background from various walks of life. The colour purple was chosen, because it symbolizes dignity and justice, which are the two important goals which IWD aims to achieve for all women in all parts of the world.

This Women’s Day let’s all Dress up in the Mesmeric Purple color showing off our flattering Ethnic sides. Below is a glimpse of few options to slay in this Women’s Day.


For more options visit Rajwadi.com 


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