Festive Diwali Vogue

As we all know that “Diwali” also known as the festival of lights which is like Indian Christmas for the uninitiated. The festival brings with it religious rituals and ceremonies practiced by countless Hindu families all over the world. But Diwali is much more than just a religious time. Colorful Rangolis, resplendent diyas, mesmerizing firecrackers, mouthwatering food, nightlong card parties, vigorous gift giving and a massive dose of amusement and laughter with family and friends are all the ingredients that make up the recipe for a smashing Diwali.

All of the socializing at Diwali necessitates a shopping spree for Diwali clothes because every seasoned social butterfly knows that Diwali is also the time to splurge and pamper yourself and those around you. Buying gifts and shopping for clothes come naturally during Diwali. The Ethnic Fashion is what rules the chart, the glitz and glamour exuded out of traditional dresses and saris is unmatchable during this festival. But make sure to adorn the latest fashion instead of repeating your festive look.

For Women festival and Sarees are a perfect combo. India is known for women draped in Sarees. It is the true celebration of womanhood especially during any occasion. Whatever body shape you might have, Saree personifies your personality and you definitely have to agree to this point. It is by far the most elegant attire of an Indian women!! I know that a lot of young women would want to avoid wearing a saree, thus your best choice would be a cold shoulder dress that is the latest swag as it adds the required flavor to your charm. You can also go for a stylish draped Kurti with straight pants to keep it trendy yet ethnic.


Why Should men lag behind, in all festivals men also want to look their best in the latest fashion available. This Diwali to keep it comfy your best option is a Pathani suit as its colorful and has the Indian essence in the right proportion. An evergreen Kurta Pajama in soft colors is apt for your Diwali pooja. You can opt for a Modi Koti look as it is a dressier option for your lavish Diwali parties.


This Diwali add a glint of fashion and glamour to your wardrobe. Dress to impress and enhance your beauty with some mind-boggling outfits. It is quite a task to find an ethnic outfit with a modern touch but to solve this we are here to create the right balance between tradition and today so shop from Rajwadi.com…!! As light takes over the darkness, let’s gear up for a voguish look this Diwali with some jazzed up attires and earn high fashion scores.


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