Ideal Navratri Look

To begin with some basic information which a lot of us are not aware about, we all Indian associate with the festival of “Navratri” which is a multi-day festival celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga, most powerful feminine power. The word Navratri translates to ‘nine nights’, thus being a significant Hindu festival, it is observed for nine nights and ten days. As per age-old traditions, the nine nights are dedicated to the nine different avatars of Goddess Durga namely: Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.

Navratri celebrations vary from region to region in our country. During Navratri, wearing the similar color dress as that of Navratri color of the day is in vogue among’st women, especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra, which is slowly now taking over by all Indian all over the globe. Whether it is going to work or going for Dandiya and Garba, they are excited about wearing specific color dress during each day of Navratri.

We all wonder that how are Navratri colors decided and why do they change every year? Actually, the cycle is the same but it is the first color of Navratri that is decided based on the week day when the festival begins. The remaining eight days then follow a fixed cycle of colors. Each day is dedicated to one particular form of Goddess Durga. The color cycle for Navratri 2017 is: Yellow, Green, Grey, Orange, White, Red, Royal Blue, Pink & Purple.

From all the basic information, lets come to what we actually love about the festival and that is Dressing-Up. Since Dandiya/Garba implies dancing, women must go for silhouettes which are more than pleasant, while keeping up decent and cozy in the suitable zones of your body. Dandiya/Garba dresses are traditional and chic. Think low back, waved, mirror work, low waist and colorful prints. What to wear on Navratri and look the best on the Garba and Dandiya night? Here are some options to look eye-catchy each day: 

Chaniya Choli is our first and the best choice for this festival. Giving a contemporary look to the traditional attire is the swag for Navratri 2017. Trendy silhouettes, stylish combinations and minimal embroidery looks breathtaking. Tri-color Chaniya Cholis are the best as they can be later teamed up differently. After the celebration is over your glittery Garba dresses just lie around in a deep corner of your closet and never appear throughout the year. So why be unfair to them rather reuse them uniquely.

Chaniya Cholis.jpg

Navratri is not just about Chaniya Cholis and Dandiya nights. For the beauty queens, it’s another occasion to doll up with a whole new fashion week! This season festivals are no more about ethnic churidars and salwar suits only, as we have a lot more to add and glamorize the conventional traditional attire! Kurtis are evergreens and always gives you an urban ethnic chic look. Start your Navratri on a simple yet subtle note with a stylish Kurti. You get to play with plenty of bottom options and look like a hottie!


Indo-western outfits have always been trendsetters and we have a perfect outfit for you so that you look dissimilar each day for which our latest wardrobe crush is a Gown Style Dress. You can achieve a whole new level of trend with this dazzling look. It is one of the most feminine, edgy and elegant attire and has surely got the right modern spin. It’s thumbs up when it comes to comfort and style for this Navratri.

Gownstyle dress

Let’s create some drama and opulence with some timeless Indian couture. Anarkali and Straight Suits being the first festive option, these stunning garments is a sure shot pick. This chic outfit is the ideal choice for Garba nights for most women who want to dress up yet keep it low. It is a perfect marriage between the contemporary aesthetics and traditional style. This appeal is flawless to carry a style with a topping of Desi swag!


This Navratri is all about hues of happiness with a glint of style! Let’s dress up for these nine nights of infinite joy and light which are also the best days to play with fashion and style. Jewellery is something that can be played with. I would suggest to keep it minimal. Earring and light pendant set are the right options. Gone are the days of excessive jewellery creating discomfort.


Now that we’ve got your Navratri wear sorted, tell us what is your favorite part of Navratri and which outfit you like the best! I am sure now you will step into the perfectly styled ensemble to secure your glamour goals for this Navratri. All the “in-fashion” trends have been listed out, get into Navratri finery and dance the night away to popular Garba tunes. Enjoy the celebrations! A very Happy Navratri from all of us at!

Bhagyashree. V

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