Complete Guide for Monsoon Brides

Wedding during the Monsoon season is a great idea because the weather creates the perfect romantic ambiance. Every girl has many dreams for her wedding, obviously she wants to look the most stunning bride that anyone has ever seen and also desires to be the perfect bride for her Prince Charming. But, during the monsoon season, a bride-to-be faces more challenges than her other season contemporaries. Thanks to all the moisture and humidity floating in the air, a monsoon bride needs to consider a few more essential dos and don’ts when it comes to bridal beauty and fashion. So, dear monsoon brides, if you want to put your best foot forward on your big day, here is what you must keep in mind.

Lightweight Wedding Outfit

Indian brides are known to wear heavily embroidered lehengas on their wedding day. But a monsoon bride should ditch the heavy lehenga and rather opt for a lightweight lehenga. Lightweight fabrics like raw silk, cotton slub, silks, lace, Georgette, net and crepe is a good idea. Advantages of these light fabrics are they dry up quickly, they look different, they give a stylish appearance than all bridal outfits that are worn all-round the year and mostly importantly it makes you feel more comfortable than outfits that are made from velvet, brocade, etc.


Bright Combinations

You must choose bright colors like pink, orange, mustard yellow, shades of green, peach, etc… as they are ideal to make the bride look fresh, also giving her a unique appeal. This is one perk of being a bride in this season and getting to experiment the unorthodox color combinations.


Say NO to bling

Kilos of embellishment on the wedding dress will not only weigh you down, but will also make you feel and look uncomfortable, especially during this season. So, opt for a stunning piece that requires minimal embellishments and adornments. Minimal embroidery work can also be used to accentuate your wedding wear.


Comfort Footwear 

Most of the people have indoor weddings in this season and can wear any kind of footwear, we would still suggest you to skip stilettos with thin straps. Instead, go for lightweight and sturdy options to avoid the danger of slipping on the floor due to moisture in the air. We recommend either flat or small heel footwear like wedges or platform. You can step into your stilettos or heels when stepping on the stage.


Makeup & Hair

It is better to be prepared for some emotional moments on your wedding day than to get raccoon eyes. Especially during the monsoon, when the weather might play a spoilsport, it is better not to leave anything to chance. Make sure that you go for complete waterproof makeup and not just with the mascara. We insist on wearing waterproof liners, foundations and set your makeup with a translucent oil absorbing powder. You do want to look all glitzy and glamorous on your wedding. But in this season, it is best that you avoid any glitter or shimmer on your skin. These products will add extra shine on your face making your skin appear oily. An intelligent option is to switch over to a good quality matte bronzer for a classy and sophisticated look. Especially if you have a daytime wedding, it is best to stay away from glitters and shimmers.

Coming to hair, make sure you give your hair some extra care with deep-conditioning treatments before the wedding. The hot and humid weather can take a toll on your hair and make it a frizzy explosion. Curb that by wearing a good amount of hair spray to keep your baby hairs and other tiny bits in place. Also, instead of keeping your hair open on the wedding day, go for a stylish updo or embellished braid for a sleeker look as well as to combat the frizz. You can use fresh seasonal flowers as adornments or accessorize with a classic head piece to go for a royal and timeless look.


Pre-wedding Skin & Hair care

Monsoons aggravate fungal infections. So, be extra careful about your skin to avoid any last-minute rash or acne. Keep your skin squeaky clean always. Avoid using heavy creams and exfoliate your skin twice a week. Avoid wearing wet clothes or footwear. Use natural face packs as they are extra mild on skin. Do not skimp on your moisturizer. During the wet and humid weather, you need to keep your skin hydrated and supple. So, a daily moisturizing routine is a must, starting at least two weeks before the big day.

Rain and humidity tend to make your hair lifeless. Wash your hair two to three times a week with a mild shampoo. Go easy on the conditioners, as they will only add more weight to your hair making them look greasy. Feast on a protein-rich diet and seasonal fruits.

The wedding look is not limited only to the ceremony, it must be perfect for everything right from when all your functions starts till your honeymoon. If at all, the rain is an unwelcome visitor on your wedding day and you are unprepared or taken by shock, it won’t be long, till your dream wedding look is ruined. Thus, these tips would be perfect to avoid such mishaps!

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