Lipstick Guide for different Skin Type

For thousands of years, women have accented their lips with colors as a way to define, enhance and beautify their appearance. Lip color in centuries gone by was usually red, created with dubious ingredients such as ground insects, lead and deer tallow. It was generally worn by daring or high-profile figures, including royals, actresses, etc.. These days lip products are created in every shade of the rainbow and are formulated with safer ingredients such as waxes, oils, emollients, dyes and pigments.

Today, Lipstick is one of the important part of our beauty kit. It adds an extra charm to our look. It might be the most used makeup, but it is remarkable how many people are unaware of how to select the right tone of lipstick for their skin type. I agree that it is an annoying task as there are numerous shades to choose from. With all those shades of lipstick available, it is easy to get sidetracked due to how attractive most of the shades are. However, being attractive doesn’t mean that the color is going to work or blend on your skin color. A lot of times Makeup artists declare on shades that are in trend, but that does not mean that all those shades will suit your skin tone. You have to be smart enough to pick the tone that is in trend for yourself. The search for lip colors that best enhance your pout and complement your skin tone is a crucial one.

To begin with let’s have few basic guidelines on the Lipstick Shades:

  • The best way of choosing the right color of lipstick for your skin tone is going with a color which is only one or two shades darker than your lip color.
  • You should always opt for Lighter shades during the day time to have a more clear and impactful persona. Choose a matte or creamy lipstick for the day in nudes, light tones or colors in sheer finish.
  • Bring on your glossy colors when the night sets in to strike a glamorous mood as it’s the time to be shimmery yet sheen. Make sure you don’t look too loud.
  • When you are out shopping for lipstick, be sure to try on as many shades as you like before selecting a few. What looks good in the tube, may not flatter your skin. Trying them is a must as the color might have a different appeal on your skin.
  • If you end up buying wrong shades, don’t despair. Mix two shades together by careful application with a lip brush and blend to create a nice color. Top it up with transparent gloss for some added effect.
  • Dark bold lip colors balance the face when the eye makeup is simple. If you’ve done dramatic eyes, then underplay the lips with nude or light shades.

Now since you know the basics we’re here to help you on How to Choose Lipstick Shade For Your Complexion as not all lipsticks flatter all women:

A Fair Skin can apply medium browns or beige with pink undertones during the day and can go with deeper richer copper browns, brighter pinks, deep plum, subtle berry, soft wine red with cool undertones for an exciting evening.

Lipstick for Fair Skin

For Medium Complexion warm terracotta reds, earthy browns, rich caramel, brown with yellow or pink tones and coffee browns are apt for day wear. They can wear dark reds, blue reds, fuchsia and rich pinks for their night events.

Lipstick for Medium Complexion

The Yellowish Skin Tone should wear rich browns, terracotta reds, pinks with brown undertones, toffee browns and chocolate tones for their day look and rich rose, soft plums with yellow tones, dark berry, reddish browns and mahogany for their night looks.

Lipstick for Yellow Skin

The Brownish Or Black Skin Tone can carry medium pinks, sheer pinks, sheer beige and light browns during the day and deep reds with blue undertones, mahogany, deep plums, wine reds, berry, deep rose, rich copper, dark browns and mocha during the night.

Lipstick for Brown Skin

After knowing what will suit you it is equally important for you to know what you need to avoid:

  • Fair skin should avoid very bright orange-reds and hot pinks as they look too loud and pale brown with yellow undertones will make them look washed out.
  • Medium Complexion cannot wear very pale browns as they make some of them look very pale.
  • Yellowish Skin has to keep distance from tones like very light pinks, cool shade such as light mauve, orangish Red and Bluish Pinks as they don’t flatter their skin type.
  • Brownish or Black Skin also has to avoid orangeish reds, pinkish reds or peach-reds as they don’t go too well with their complexion.

Choosing the right color of lipstick is easy and stress-free if you know how and where to start. This guide gives you the simplest method of getting the right color of lipstick that will go along with your entire personality. Make sure you use these tips and you will never go wrong. Comment your feedback below.



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