“Fashion” in the present world is not solely for celebrities or runway models. Today’s advanced media coverage is a huge mode of guidance for common people to the ever changing Fashion Trends every season. Women from every walk can emulate the designs by top-notch designers. Fashion forecasting is a worldwide career which is a hub of upcoming trends. Most of you are aware that fashion alters every season of every year which leads to modification in silhouettes, color trends, print combination, textures, graphics, accessories, footwear…etc.. Color and Style are two fundamental objects to forecast as rest of the aspects revolve around it. Like last year was defined by some exceptionally fascinating trends, this year too looks like it will drive us through surprises galore.

Fashion is split into four seasons namely Autumn/ fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, however the two major seasons followed are Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The essential element that distinguishes these seasons is Color. It is a dominant and significant communication tool. It communicate invisibly, affects people’s mood, has cultural significance, is inspired by our surroundings and age also alters the color preferences.

This Spring/Summer is expected to see all the colors of nature physically on garments, carrying a blend of endurance, leisure and the great outdoors starting from fresh Greenery to its more muted counterpart Kale to powerful Primrose Yellow and blindingly bright Pink Yarrow and Flame.


Fall/Winter is more about shades of blue from Icy blues to the darkest of blues and greys. Neutralizing the intense blues are shades of light Grey, gentle pinks, comfy and hazy shades of brown and rapidly blooming deep maroon. The darkest shade of brown builds a feel of comfort and stability. In addition is the light beige with intellectually coherent muted shades of purple. Onyx black in its purest form is the core of all colors.


Color is a convoluted subject with many strands and it has the capability to subliminally convey values and stories. Color has to be the shade of our lives or the colorblindness will make our lives plain black and white. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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