Wrap up in Style!

Scarves can make your outfit look like a million bucks.. but without the flashy glitz! Adding a scarf to your outfits is a very easy way to accessorize your look and look effortlessly chic. Why a scarf? We think it’s important to have a scarf in your collection because the weather changes a lot in this season and taking a scarf on and off will be something very practical, since you don’t need to be bulked up for winter yet!

We have put together some tips on choosing a scarf and would recommend that you follow them and adapt them to your style!

Look for the fabric and opt for scarves that help you keep warm in winters. These can be a zig-zag scarf, a casual scarf and scarves that can be styled in pure silk. Wool is an all-time favorite and you can choose from the amazing fabrics available in the market. These include linen, synthetic, cotton, etc. The weave can be an exotic blend of styles that have amazing combinations. The weave determines the bulkiness of the scarf.

Check the length and width of the scarf you are choosing. The choice of the length depends on how tall you are.


Colour is very crucial to enhance and complete your look. The scarf you choose should be in harmony with the event you are in or the weather conditions. There is no unbreakable rule in choosing colour; however, the scarf you wear should be in harmony with the skin tone and shape of your jaw line.

The shape of the scarf is very important. If you want to experiment with designs, try the triangular shape. It is new and upcoming in this winter.

Now that you understand the basics on different scarf shapes, you can stock your closet with the scarf that best suits your style.

MOST IMPORTANT! Follow your instinct and forget about the trend dictatorship. Be yourself and let your imagination speak!

Have a colourful scarfy day!

Bhagyashree. V

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